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There is no one on the planet that can escape it.  Death will occur and someone will be responsible for taking care of the funeral and cemetery arrangements.  Most people do not like to think about death and they are so busy living that they don't take into consideration what their families would do if they were to pass away.  So how can you remove some of the stress from this tragic situation?
The Decisions You Make Today Will Affect Their Tomorrow.
What could you do that would give you peace of mind about your loved ones and their responsibilities if you pass away?  Many may say that life insurance is enough, but a life insurance policy never had to pick out a casket or spend hours trying to determine the when, where, and how's of moving forward.  In most cases, the survivors are at the most stressful and painful moment in their lives and now they are faced with difficult decisions about funeral arrangements and the worry of choosing  the right things to make everyone else happy.  So, what can you do about it NOW?
Pre-arranged Funeral and Cemetery Planning!
Unless there is a critical illness or tragedy where death is imminent, most people do not have any idea about when their day will come.  Even when death is expected, it still sends loved ones into shock when the day happens.  It is difficult to try and make sound decisions when faced with the great loss of someone you love. 

Prearranged funeral plans are the only way that all individuals involved will be able to  participate in the decision making.   Decisions can be made together in a relaxed home environment or at the funeral home with an experienced counselor that can assist them through every step, making sure that every base is covered.                            
What are the Benefits of Our Pre-arranged Funeral and Cemetery Plans?
If you are planning a funeral in Fort Worth or Arlington, you have the privilege of being able to work with the only non-profit funeral and cemetery organization in the State of Texas.  Being non-profit allows for benefits that no other funeral home and cemetery can offer.  Here are a few of the benefits of pre-arranging a funeral in Fort Worth or Arlington, TX.
Highest Quality Facilities - Every dollar beyond paying the employees, is spent on beautification and growth of the facilities instead of lining someone's pocket.  So you get the finest facilities and grounds at a lower rate than with the other guys.

0% Interest - Yes, our funeral prearrangements are interest free!  You just pay for what you get!

Freeze the Price - No matter if the cost of a funeral or cemetery plot doubles or triples by the time you need the services, you or your family will never have to pay another dime.

Financial Forgiveness - If death should occur before the funeral plan is paid off....the entire plan is paid in full.

Children Protection - If a tragedy happens and you lose a child (between the ages of 3 1/2 months to 21 years of age), your children will receive the exact funeral package that you purchased at NO COST.

Decisions Made Together - When decisions are made ahead of time, there is no room for error or disappointment concerning the arrangements.  Decisions are made with a clear mind and no stress.

Peace of Mind - Nothing can replace the peace of mind that you and your family will have knowing that in the event of a tragedy, everything has already been handled.

Fill out the form below and receive your own personal planning guide and organizer.  This organizer will assist you in knowing what you need to have available in the case of death.  You will receive valuable information that can be used to preplan a funeral or direct your loved ones steps in the event that you weren't able to preplan.  In any case, it will help those that are left behind.
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